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Outbound Campaigns.

Inbound Campaigns.

Customer Satisfaction Campaigns.

Specialised Client Marketing Support Activity.

Welcome to

Timely Telemarketing

We Provide:

Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns

Inbound/Customer Service Campaigns

Customer Satisfaction Campaigns

Retention Campaigns

Product Recall Campaigns

Specialised Client Marketing Support Activity


Outbound Telemarketing Campaigns

We offer Pro-Active contact to your existing and prospective customer base.

Used for:

At Timely Telemarketing we use a direct and proven

contact method that achieves 90% plus feedback.

Once our outcomes are reported and actioned

within your organisation, real change can and does


Email and texting receive up to an average 40% feedback and generally need to be requested up to 5 times. The customer becomes frustrated and generally will not respond.

Paper / mail responses obtain an average 5% feedback.

Many Satisfaction Survey Campaigns are undertaken to meet the minimum standards required by suppliers of product / service to your business. They could be large manufacturers (car companies, white goods, tools of trade, IT data and/or equipment or specialised medical equipment suppliers etc.).

They require a minimum standard of 80% Customer Satisfaction rating and must be demonstrated or proven in document reports. If these reports are not provided to your suppliers consequences could result, even loss of the product / service to your business.

Through our expertise and track record of experience we discovered the following:

Increase the percentage of feedback for your products and services.

Identify strengths and weaknesses with processes, people,

or other issues that could impact on you and result in an

unhappy or unsatisfactory experience.

Customer Satisfaction Campaigns

Provides immediate feedback on your customers level of satisfaction on the products and services provided to them.

Used to:

Inbound/Customer Service Campaigns

This allows customers to access your products and services at their own convenience.

Used for:

Inbound Campaigns designed and implemented to your specific


Promotional Initiatives

Advertising Support Service, Radio, TV. Booking Service, Theatres, Restaurants, Events

Help Desk Telesales (Order Taking)

Customer Product / Service inquiries or claims

Customer Service / Service Bookings

Outbound Campaigns designed and implemented for your

specific requirements.

Secure/Confirm Supplier, Exhibitor / Participants to Conferences and Seminars

Follow up activities of data and information, considered internally to be out of date.

Support of Sales and Marketing Initiatives

Shareholder Voting Intentions

Database Upgrades

Negotiations for Donations/Fundraising

Appointment Setting/Selling

Lead Generation

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Tailored Campaigns

Retention Campaigns

Retains current Business Volumes through review and renewal of current products and service offerings to current customer base.

Used to identify:

Policies, contracts, agreements or offers.

Pricing of similar products or services of competitors

Studies of customer and consumer attitudes and usage patterns

Market Research, including:

Information Gathering

Competitor Activity and Pricing Analysis

Identify Market Needs and Trends

Obtain consumer opinions and perceptions of products and services.

Specialised Client Marketing Support Activity

Sales / Marketing activity for:

Commercial Business Sales and Marketing Operations for current businesses.

Sales and Property Management of Residential Real Estate.

Development of Property floor plans / Drafting.

Product Recall Campaigns

Used to:

Develop and Implement recall campaigns as required for a company/client that undertakes Recall/Rework activity in line with National Regulatory Standards.

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Consider these?

Questions to YOU and Your Team

Does your organisation need to:

black and gray ip desk phoneblack and gray ip desk phone
black iPhone 7 on white surfaceblack iPhone 7 on white surface
brown elephant on green grass field during daytime
brown elephant on green grass field during daytime
woman in white t-shirt and blue denim shorts standing on rocky hill during daytime
woman in white t-shirt and blue denim shorts standing on rocky hill during daytime

When faced with a mountain you should not quit, Timely will help you

climb it,

go round it,

go under it,

find a pass through it,

to achieve your objectives.

We can assist you to “Eat The Elephant”

Just as “Eating the Elephant” can be hard, Telemarketing can also be hard and negative, especially for the inexperienced. Tim at Timely Telemarketing can help you to take on that challenge, one bite at a time.

You may consider changes and improvements are too huge to action.

Cost-effective initiatives and introduce new and better methods ?

Support Campaigns, Events or Projects of your business, which is generally considered too expensive or time consuming and without realising potential ?

Maintain an After Hours, Weekend and Public Holiday presence, to capture the loss of unknown business volumes ?

High volume promotional or call overflow, which is currently being lost ?

Are you looking for better ways to manage:

Rather than being inundated with non-core related activities that consume time and manpower without reward.

Free up more time to focus on important tasks that help you achieve your business goals and outcomes?

Introduce change to improve current operations, processes and


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About Us

Timely Telemarketing is a specialist company that develops and implements campaigns YOU require to achieve YOUR Objectives.

We offer 20 years of business success for our clients.


Improved results

Improved customer feedback on the service standards your business provides.

Timely Telemarketing is a third-party B2B service provider of Telemarketing / Call Centre Campaign Services.

We develop and implement strategically targeted Telemarketing / Call Centre Customer Service Campaigns to systematically provide value added contact and outcomes with customers, prospects and consumers.

We provide new and improved platforms for business expansion.

Our specialised Get Started process ensures all campaign focus is on achieving your required and agreed objectives.

We offer a number of skilled and experienced Contact Centre operators to match your specific campaign requirements, which can be expanded at any time.

We work with large, medium or small businesses in all insdstriesand undertake:

Short term

Long Term

Ongoing campaign needs

We understand market trends to facilitate decision making and offer creativity, flexibility, well documented feedback and analysis of progress and results.

Timely Telemarketing is located conveniently on the Lower North Shore of Sydney metro area, has the latest digital communications equipment with 100 inbound line capacity and expandable 32 outbound line facility.

Timely Telemarketing operates 12 hours per day, 7 days per week including weekends and public holidays.

Timely Telemarketing is committed to provide its clients with Telemarketing Solutions tailored to individual requirements to achieve superior results.

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Benefits from Timely

Timely Telemarketing’s successful campaigns provide immediate results and feedback, at considerably lower cost and with no distractions to campaign momentum.
The competitive advantages and measurable benefits to your organisation include:
  • 20 plus years of success
  • Considerably lower cost
  • No distractions to campaign momentum
  • Increased sales productivity and revenue
  • Maximising the returns from each sale
  • Delivering a competitive advantage
  • Reduced cost of customer contact
  • Removal of people management issues
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Improved customer satisfaction levels
  • Reduced cost of sale
  • Added value to analyse marketing objectives
  • Total management of all campaign requirements, from commencement to completion

Timely Telemarketing is committed to provide its clients with Telemarketing Solutions tailored to individual requirements to achieve superior results.
Timely Telemarketing can assist your organisation achieve improved results, outcomes, customer feedback and customer service.

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Get Started

Interested in our services from Timely. Contact us to Get Started.
After our initial meeting we offer to:
Establish objectives, campaign needs or requirements to clearly identify the intent of the campaign.
1. The outcomes or results expected.
2. The target markets, industries, companies or individuals to be contacted.
3. Develop and submit a campaign proposal, outlining:
4. Method of conducting the campaign
5. Timeframe to achieve objectives
6. Database to be used, either yours or ours
7. Information management recording system

8. Costs involved may include:

9. Labour costs calculated by: ·
  • the call
  • the hour
  • or all-inclusive weekly fee

10. Phone call costs, at the cost to Timely
11. Set up and training costs for your campaign requirements
12. Database costs, if applicable
13. All costs are plus GST
14. Payment terms offered
15. Initial deposit payment is required
16. Campaign activity reporting timeframe platform and feedback platforms outlined and established

17. Trial / Test period, to improve of modify processes as required.

18. Obtain your approval before proceeding

19. Establish the contract and make any necessary changes required before the sign off.

20. Implement your campaign,

21. Continually review outcomes and results in line with objectives

22. Manage ongoing campaign activity

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Timely Client List

Just some of the many clients we have worked with include:

Australia Post

Provided and developed Property Floor Plan and Drafting Services.

ANZ Bank

Outbound Lead Generation Campaign on behalf of Branch Mortgage Brokers

Fujitsu Australia Limited

Outbound Database Upgrade Activity.

Rheem Australia

Inbound 131 after hours, weekend and public holiday emergency service operations.

Sales and Service Customer Satisfaction Campaigns

Product Recall Campaigns.

Telstra and Ericsson Business Systems

Outbound Sales, Leads and Appointment Campaigns.

Upgrades to Databases.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Australian Institute of Company Directors

Outbound Lead / Sales generation campaigns to Company Directors of large public and private sector Companies and Organisations.

Aquamax Australia

Inbound Customer Service during weekends and public holiday with emergency service operations.

BHL Software / Liberty Software.

Outbound Lead Generation to medium to large legal firms for “one stop shop” legal software packages.

Crystal Cathedral Ministries

Inbound 1300 support for National TV program “Hour of Power” on Channel 10 Network.

Grey Healthcare

Market Research of Dietitians to identify promotional opportunities for Soy Products.

Peter Warren Sydney Auto World

Outbound Campaigns and Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Sales and Service departments for franchise brands of FORD, HONDA, CHRYSLER/JEEP franchises.

Sydney Legacy

Inbound 1800 support for Legacy Badge Day Fundraising Campaign.

Solarhart and Edwards Solar Hot water

Inbound National Customer Service support for Sales and Service of product offering and redirection to 200 plus National Dealer Network outlets.

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The Timely Team

Timely Telemarketing commenced operations in 1998 and has created a strong involvement with both product and service orientated businesses and organisations.

Tim Keogh heads our team,
a mature, reliable, hands-on individual
with a work ethic of operating
by example and action.

Tim's skills and experience include:
A career of leadership, management and marketing of sales teams up to 50 plus people.
Management and achievement of sales, profit and expenditure targets exceeding $50m
Servicing key client accounts and suppliers at all management levels.
Development and implementation of strategic marketing plans that were time framed and measurable.
Management of advertising, promotional and new product introductions, agency interface, sponsorships and advertising programs.
Management of Residential Real Estate Sales and Property Management markets, including:
  • new property sales, from lead generation and follow up of older OFI listings, market appraisals.
  • on site Auctions of properties.
  • property management, site inspections, maintenance repairs and reporting to clients.

Tim's Education and Qualifications include:-
Justice of the Peace in and for the State of New South Wales.
Master of Arts - Marketing and Business Management, Macquarie University, Sydney
Certificate IV Property Services (Real Estate), Licenced Real Estate Agent
Prescila Babalo
Finance Manager
Prescila is a proactive individual that leads by example from the front and has a high level of accuracy in her attention to details that delivers results. Being flexible and dynamic in her approach, Prescila can work independently or effectively as a team player to meet company's needs.

Her skills and experience include: ·
  • Volunteer for Philippine Airlines and Philippine Console General Office
  • Organising Amateur golfers to participate in International Golf tournaments and Friendship Golf events in varying countries including Philippines, Europe, and other Asian countries.
Prescila's responsibilities have included reporting external audited financial reports as well as accounting functions and accuracy of all accounts for:
  • Administration and Executive
  • Company Events and Promotions
  • Membership and Donations
  • Publications and Media
  • Management functions have included:
    • Accounts Payable and Receivable
    • System Structures required by Board and external auditors
    • FBT, BAS, Superannuation, Payroll Reporting.
    • Management of Company Insurances for Workers Compensation, Corporate Travel, Business Insurance Liability
    • Financial Management reports of Events and Fundraising Conferences.
    • Individual weekly and annual preparation of salary and group certificate for 40 staff
    • Presentation of budgets and financial management reports for CEO, board, AGM and external parties
    • Management of Financial platform and investments with up to 10 individual financial institutions.

Clarence Alcantara

Systems Co-Ordinator

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